Hello, everyone!

Greetings, my name is Robin, here you are reading my writings which I do on the sidelines of my activities. I love to share my writings. I love to share the knowledge I have gained and received any information mostly about anything.

Because basically, I have learned about health sciences, I often share about health sciences. However, sometimes I combine both the knowledge I have and things I love in my writing.

I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me to find the information for this blog. I have been very busy working, because I work in two places, sometimes I work in the morning on campus and day or night in the hospital. But since writing is my passion, I always try to write.

I also love foods. I love trying new tastes of foods. I often go to new places to taste new variant of cooking. Spicy foods never fail to make me happy. Even though, I have bad experiences with them.

Therefore, I also love to write about foods. If you want to share more things with me, I am always open to everyone! So, feel free to contact me and maybe we can share thoughts and discuss hot topics.

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