7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Weight is constantly rising, and the clothes are starting to feel tight. Do not stress first. You can lose weight by doing simple things and without draining the pockets.

Losing weight is easy, as long as you know the key and always apply it in everyday life.

7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Here are 7 easy ways you can do to lose weight:

1. Drink water before meals

According to research, drinking water before meals can help you lose weight.

Why is that? Eating water before eating can have a satiety effect, which in the end may make you reluctant to eat a large amount of food, or not even touch it at all.

Sometimes, you also think that the body is hungry and immediately rushes spooning rice and side dishes to the plate. Or you just choose a high-calorie snack.

In fact, maybe what you feel is just thirst not hungry. So, when such conditions attack, try to overcome by drinking water first.

2. Do not forget breakfast

You may think the body weight can be reduced by reducing your daily allowance such as the absence of breakfast.

In fact, it can make you starve and eat more portions of snacks throughout the day.

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast menu, such as consuming a boiled egg and a banana. Or it could also make fruit juice mixed with low-fat milk, plus a sheet of wheat bread.

3. Eating in small portions

You can use a smaller plate or bowl than usual when picking up food. According to research, this habit may be able to get you to eat in small amounts, which means, the intake of calories into the body is reduced.

Although eating in small portions, you can still feel full when you eat slowly. Eating slowly will stimulate the brain to think that we are full.

If you eat at a restaurant, you can order a portion of the children, or if it is not there, you can order one menu but for two people to eat. Or, you can wrap half the portion to take home.

Eating small meals but often (4-5 times a day) is better and can help you lose weight, rather than eating in large portions 3 times a day.

4. Eat the right foods

Foods are friendly to you who want to lose weight, i.e. protein and fiber intake. Protein foods can make you full longer, so do not need to eat many times.

Protein can also help the body burn fat. Choose healthy sources of protein for the body such as egg whites, yoghurt, lean meats, seafood, soybeans, nuts, or cheese.

Fiber foods can also make you full longer, but low in calories. Fibrous foods you can consume such as vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods, nuts, seeds, or popcorn without butter.

You can add chilli to your food to help satisfy your appetite. According to dietitians, foods that can satisfy the tongue can prevent you to eat more.

5. No need to hate food

You do not need to avoid the foods you like. If you stay away from it, then you will be more eager to consume it.

So, the key is not to stay away, but you should know the normal levels you can consume not to become fat. For example, you can buy a pastry unit, rather than buy staples.

6. Get enough sleep

The body can produce hormones that make you eager to eat (hormone ghrelin) when you lack sleep. This can lead to weight gain.

Lack of sleep also disrupts the body’s metabolic system. As a result, the body’s performance breaks down the nutrients into energy becomes disturbed. These substances can then accumulate in the body and converted into fat.

7. Let’s move!

It’s not a secret anymore if the sport is always associated with the method of weight loss. According to some studies, regular exercise can help burn excess calories that cannot be trimmed just by dieting.

The ideal weight that can be trimmed from the body per week ranges from half to one kilogram.

If you are too fast, you risk having health problems such as lack of nutrition, body fatigue, fatigue, muscle tissue damage, or rapid weight rise again.

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